Pencil Sketch Pro App Reviews

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Fun App

A fun app. It makes very nice sketches, especially ones with children or close-ups of people. If the photo is well composed this app makes a pretty nice artsy sketch. It includes an image edit panel with lots of controls and some presets, to modify the loaded photo. I’m not real fond of the “curves” sketch style as it looks like curly hairs, but the Lines style is nice. You can save final sketches in any of 14 different file formats, and the original photo pixel-size is maintained (or it can be made smaller). Many choices for background papers, but I like the plain white paper best. If you do select one of the papers (other than plain white) you can adjust the relative size of the sketch on the paper.


Once I downloaded the application, the first time I used it it worked well. Now everytime I try to open it, it crashes.

concerns for buyers

Pencil sketches are limited to three styles, of which only one is of any quality. The rest of the options are only the paper backgrounds, mostly notebook paper. I am disappointed that there is no plain background, so I can print it on any kind of paper I want. Process of application of sketch is slow. I'm sorry, app producer, but this app was not worth the price you are charging.

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